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This was a regular weekend but planned with lots of activities of our team outing. My team (Abhijeet, I, Amruta, Rashmi, Rahul K, Rahul G, Vikas, Dnyandeo, Dyaneswar, Mohamad, Vaibhav and Asit) planned for a weekend during 11/9/2013-11/10/2013 to Harihareswar, Diveagar and Janjira Fort. As planned the travel started at 6-8am with all pick from Pune city and headed toward the Mumbai-Goa highway via Paud-Tamhini ghat. We halted at Shiv Sagar,  and had worst & adjusted breakfast. Next halt was at the tamhini ghat at 10am, there goes all camera burst for snaps in all possible pose.


@Tamhini Ghat


@Tamhini Ghat



Rock mountain @ Harihareswar

Then we moved directly to the Harihareswar, on Mumbai-Goa highway our driver was challaned for Rs.100 for stopping in wrong place for couple of second. We entered at Harihareswar by 2 and our group roams hotel to hotel with the system there to order early for lunch. Non-vegetarian  guys were so desperate to grab there fav sea food, they covered 4-5 hotels and finally all deal done with a hotel for veg/fish thali. Then moved to Harihareswar Darshan and the sea-shore. The rocks at sea shore are too good to see. Under the humid and sun, it was a mixed times with enjoy and sweated. 

Rock view @ Harihareswar

Rock view @ Harihareswar

Later we had our lunch at 4PM to move on for hotel at Diveagar. We booked rooms at Aai Cottage, near Shivaji chowk. It was not-so-good or not-so-bad, it got a huge open space for gaming or campfire. But we are already late for the sun set view at beach, all then rushed to beach. But it was late for sun set. We then played at sea beach till the light got dimmer to dark. Now reaching at hotel back, guys had the shower and planned for the dinner.

IMG_0869IMG_0922-001Similar system, order and then grab them after 1-4hrs. 5 members marched hotel for the order, but it was the  horrible system leads to walk 45mins (8:20PM-9:05PM) and checked 7-8 hotels who denied to server our 13 members. Finally somehow we convinced 1 hotel, and then all gathered after 30mins to have the dinner. It was so strange that the pan shop were very rare, liquor shop were very very very rare. I had my beer on road ordered from our hotel, and next one after getting back to hotel after dinner. Post dinner, we were playing cards till 2, then the bed time. That’s all from day 1 of the trip with lesson learned “Never Ever step into these areas without food order before 1-3hrs of lunch/dinner, and vegetarian will have the worst food out there”.

Day 2, started with early wake up for morning walk at sea beach. Batch by batch started moving to beach, and we ordered for breakfast before moving to beach to follow the order-grab system. All came back by 9AM, and freshen for the breakfast. We packed up to move Janjira fort by 10:30AM. At Diveagar, we visit Ganesh Temple.


Diveagar Ganesh Temple


We then reached Dighi at 1230. Now the big problem was here, the next govt managed boat to Janjira fort was at 2PM and it was steaming hot. So we waited for the private boat to the fort which is in the middle of the sea. Under the bursting sun and humid, we adjusted on a boat which took 15mins to reach the fort. Our team mateVaibhav then guided us for different points inside the fort. This is a fort last belonged to Siddis, and they were surprisingly undefeated from Shambhaji (son of Shivaji), Dutch and English East India Company several attacks. The fort was build too good, no harm being in the middle of sea with lots of sea water waves and sea wind. The canon inside the fort was with some metal which always remains in normal temp rather getting heat, although it looks of iron.

IMG_1306  IMG_1194-001

Finally we boated back to Dighi at 3PM. All were tired under sun, with coconut water, cold drinks, water, fried nuts, wafers, our trip come to end and time was to heading back to Pune. And time exceeded for the lunch, so it got so late for finding as we finally reached at Mangaon to have lunch at a restaurant. Post lunch, we were back to Pune via same route while on the way back the bus was turned a dance floor in the evening/night-time. All reached home by 1130, and time for a good rest. See all then in next trip, good night!!


Hurricane, Super Storm, Cyclone, Thunderstorm, Super Cyclone…so many natural disasters happens in our life. Recent hurricane in US east coast ‘Sandy’ shake most. And the same time ‘Neelam’ hit Indian east coast causing heavy rains with wind. Yes, here in india and areas in east coast have been experiencing these a lot. Being from Orissa, I know how heavy rains disrupt the routines and speedy winds takes us to stone age. I had such experience during the most disastrous and serious Super Cyclone hit in the bay of Bengal in the year 1999. During the super cyclone it was estimated to have the windy day with wind speed up to 150km/hr. I was staying with 3 other friends Tushar, Sujit bhai and Tanuj bhai in Old Town, Bhubaneswar. I was doing the JEE coaching classes so as others. Those days with these friends was awesome.

The day when all of us were ready to face the cyclone arrived, and it was evening when the wind started blowing with abnormal speed and goes accelerating. All of sudden power got off from the area and we were in dark in the room. Peeping thru the gaps of windows to enjoy the trees uprooted and limbs broken. Walking on the streets in dark, rainy (it was pouring) and windy (more than expected 250 KM/hr, 155 miles/hr) for a while was terrific and out of our think. Somehow that horrible night was over, and bad morning arrived. Our Kitchen was with 10-inch of water as the wall was cracked due to a uprooted tree. Took a tour in the nearby and saw the horrible pictures, houses damaged, roads with broken limbs and trees, shops with full crowds on buying daily food stuff candles and situations at some places were like stampede. Back to room we decided to leave to our homes for 10 days break as coaching classes declared 15 days holidays. With no trains and buses with packed passengers, we decided to make this memorable and take a cycle ride back to home. It was a total of 115KM (71 Miles), and we all were thrilled at the decision but there was no other way so it was final. Next day at 5AM, we all geared up with our luggage, Sujit bhai picked up few knifes for protection during travel J, cycles were good.  After going 10km, one of our cycle got punctured and thanks god to got one closed cycle repair shop whom we requested a lot to fix the cycle. Experienced our journey with chest dip water for 1 KM, diff road blocks by uprooted huge trees, no mans roads, villages with lot damage et al. Took some pit stop on the way and had cookies those we got from room. Then at 2PM we reached place named Athagarh and had killing lunch as everyone was so hungry and tired. And from there again we started to move on and finally at 7 we reached at the sweet home. On the way before 20 km, it was so dark so to avoid any travel problems from cycling in dark on highway we decided to take any other transport. So for 20 km we got the lift from a truck and resumed.

So it was a memorable as part of the natural disaster and personal experience with such cycling experience. Thanks to my buddies. WELL the journey did not stop here, after reaching home it was so joyful that we meet at our meeting place School. There we meet school friends, teachers who in fact gathered to collect the relief. So we joined and told our experience. Moving on house to house we shared our experience to the residents and as well our teachers were too shared the same by saying “These guys cycled away from Bhubaneswar, and they experienced the cyclone impacted areas”. We are like in the limelight of doing something great, anyways that was a good experience and finally the day finished at 10PM. After heavy dinner, time to sleep tight…

Some of the disasters and impacts, — Courtesy, Wikipedia

The cyclone dumped heavy torrential rain over southeast India, causing record breaking flooding in the low-lying areas. The storm surge was 26 feet (8 meters). struck the coast of Orissa, traveling up to 20 km inland. 17,110 km² (6,600 mi²) of crops were destroyed, and an additional 90 million trees were either uprooted or had snapped.

Approximately 275,000 homes were destroyed, leaving 1.67 million people homeless. Another 19.5 million people were affected by the supercyclone to some degree. A total of 9,803 people officially died from the storm, with 40 others still missing, though it is believed that 15,000 people died. 8,119 of those fatalities were from the Jagatsinghpur district. Another 3,312 people were injured. 2,043 out of 5,700, or 36% of the residents of Padmapur perished. The number of domestic animals fatalities was around 2.5 million, though the number of livestock that perished in the cyclone amounted to only 406,000. The high number of domestic animal deaths may have possibly had to do with around 5 million farmers losing their livelihood. The damage across fourteen districts in India resulted from the storm was approximately $4.5 billion (1999 USD, $5.1 billion 2005 USD).

Ten people in Myanmar were reported to have been killed by the tropical cyclone, while another 20,000 families were left homeless.

Days during Appraisal….

Time arrived when all geared up for the appraisals. Its really good to see the environment during the appraisal time in every organization.Doesn’t matter either the annual appraisal happens for Mar-April or Jan-Dec.


Meeting on the process, timelines.  All starts focusing on achieving the targets are impressing the boss. I have seen the easiest way to impress by doing some psychopancy or simple word say buttering. Just say yes with ur boss yes, no with their no. Work for 9+ hrs, pull most of the work to show the better outcome. If not then, most try to show that they are getting involved in most, some do with leg-pulling finding issues with others. Some do weekend jobs, that shows good amount of credibility. Because the focus of these effort to get good increment, so many irregular stuff happens in the team. So lot many terms used during the months milestone, achievement, targets, out-of-box ideas Got some time to write this during home work. So that’s the gist of the story work hard, stay focused, think out of box, hit some achievement and then impress impress impress and impress.

Galaxy S2 the big model from the Samsung which i bought in Aug2011. Before buying i was keep thinking this phone will be not handy, uncomfort in pocket carrying then during call. But my gadget craze finally decided to go for the same phone.

SO, its a beautiful phone with combination of all nice features. The size and weight is pretty handy. The  Super AMOLED Plus touch screen with Gorilla Glass helps me from scratches. The screen bright and nice, pictures and displays comes really clear. Dual-core 1.2 GHz runs good for the heavy apps. Camera, both primary and secondary gives you the superb clix and video. Another beautiful feature of TV-out (via MHL A/V link) haven’t been tested by me, since the cable doesn’t come with the mobile. I haven’t rooted it yet to have more vast apps for excellent tools as my dear friend Prasanjit did it the same on his Galaxy Ace. My current android version is 2.3.6 and planning to upgrade it to 4.0 since the official release is out there.

But coming to the cons, so as always being the better thing cant survive my bad hand and luck. Once it had the problem with the signal/gprs, was going on and off. To recover what i thought a carrier problem so took the sim out and cleaned to fix with the restart. Here comes the bog problem, the phone was getting shutdown after each restart. I had to fix this in the service center, initially they said it is a software issue. But later on they said its a motherboard issue which they replaced. And its back to me and working fine. Certainly the reboot of phone you can see in all android OS issue, when some applications hangs. And other issue I heard of is the frequent touch on screen automatically, service center can fix this. Even my earlier phone Moto Milestone had the same but I haven’t fixed that, planning for the service center fix. Don’t know what other issues the S2 have.


Wow…Diwali this year at Pune….this is after 4 yrs. I njoyed 2006 diwali at Pune, then on all 3yr’s diwali were at Hyderabad except in 2008 at Boston, US…2006 Diwali was something special…u must be thinking something GF, naaa…, naaa…..tour, naaa….well I did nothing on that Diwali, I was at room with my roommate Amar. And were just watching Diwali by peeping from the Window, and believe me it was good to watch rather enjoying the crackers. Our room was at 3rd floor in a flat at karve Nagar….well after watching for some time, we planned to have some party…and where, in room….so that was it, we got 4 beers(650ml each) and then bought some starters and food for the dinners. We njoyed that night with 2 beers each, for the 1st time I had 2 bottles beer and had some nice chicken starters(unable to remember what was that recipe) and then we had the parceled dinner(I think the Roti and some gravy chicken item)…again this year I am at Pune…hopefully I will enjoy with my dear friend Happy and his wife Shilky…else i will hv a cracking day with few crackers and some light decorations….i just love the lights being people started to decorating their rooms, its awesome to see the colorful lights in the night…well I am not doing anything at my room, not in mood to decorate for own, but i can get some crackers and some sweets for celebrations. Most friends have some vacation plans this week, most already at their home…I wish all of you a very Happy Diwali and May God fulfill all your wishes in wealth, health & happiness in your life.

Team Lunch at the Marriott…

A day when it was planned for the team lunch, when everyone was relaxed, when a glimpse of smile was there on everyone’s face…bcoz it was the team lunch at Marriott on 30th July, I along with my 15 member team boarded the bus to Marriott. As usual we crossed the security check…I got the camera which was in my bag so they took it and checked…and after the check security handed over the bag…we entered the buffet area. Well it was my 2nd time in July I was having the lunch at Marriott…the 1st time was being from the company on the day of Joining. Well that time it was like 60 members team lunch which was a bit huge so everyone was like rush for the quick lunch. But this time around, it was just 15. Started with the welcome drink, and then the starters. Food was ultimately good with different cuisine…I took some salad with bit of soup. It was a long dining table where we all seated firmly. Gossips, laughs, serious discussions were on among different groups…now the time for the main course…varieties of foods were there as I choose some non-veg recopies with my fav Biryani…although the biryani was not like the Hyd Biryani but taste OK…others too..afterwards everyone eyed on the Dessert section and clubbed there to grab their choices…in fact I also grabbed some 3-4(can’t recall the names)…all were too good..ahem…
All done, everyone was njoyed the food at Marriott….it was the time to go back to office, I felt like to opt for my room to sleep with all pleasure…but no one cant help me with my thoughts, so all boarded the cab….this was a nice team lunch…thanks to all my teammates, Sunil and Vasant…hope to come back again…  

yummmy deserts


Team on eating spree

Team BG-Samsung



I heard so many times on the Chutney’s as one of the good place to have the nice south Indian food as well north, Chinese etc.  But being in Hyd for 4+ yrs i never been to Chutney’s or witnessed its quality food. It was the last day at Hyderabad for Mr. Ankit Sheth, my colleague who was planned to shift to Mumbai on June 26th. So we 3 Mr. KC aka Chaitanya, Mr Ankit aka Gujju/aida/Anki etc etc and off course me planned to have the morning breakfast at Chutney’s. It was unfortunate as we missed the breakfast since all of us got up around 10-11am due to the last night dinner party. So we planned for the lunch and everyone reached there. At least 10 members were waiting for the table, since we were 3…we got a table quickly within 5 minutes. It was the time to explore the Chutney’s menu…so many long list of items were there…varieties of Idly, Dosa, Uthapam et al. We ordered Mango Uthapam, Babai Idly and another some uthapam…it took 10 mins to serve the food…time for chutney’s…4 type of chutney were there ground nut chutney, coconut chutney, Ginger chutney and dal chutney….then we started testing all 3 items…taste was good, in fact with fresh chutney and samber it was awesome…Babai Idli, my god that was heavy as they poured ghee on to of it with butter too……i took 1 idly out of 2…and some uthapam. Everyone completed the 1rd…and look what, all of us were full and heavy..even thought of go home and take rest…but wanted to explore more, so i ordered south indian thali and Ankit KC shared 1 Mint Dosa. During the break we were having water in copper glasses, that was good. The wooden interiors are well done and the ambiance is quite homely. Here we go, all dish served…it was high time for me to complete the thali…the plate was full of small bowls with dal, samber, rasam, chutney, curry, fries, curd, dahi wada, and the sweet dish. I started with Puri, after taking 2 puris i felt like i need a bed to take rest…but here comes the rice, i started taking rice by hand…one thing is must, taking rice in spoon is just a waste thing to do….i had the food slowly as i was trying to finish…the same time Ankit and KC had their mint dosa…we completed and paid the bill. While getting up from the chairs, i felt like i need a bed to sleep as it was too heavy lunch due to ghee….overall the taste was good, most of were oily what we ordered..chutney and samber were good too….That was a good lunch as we started heading back to home…hope you guys njoy the food there….

the real south indian thali 🙂

whole suppliment of thali..puri tray, chutneys, ghee and big thali

the Mint Dosa....

hmmm..something special, u looks good….nice hairstyle…kahan se kia(where did u cut ur hair)…which salon…kitna lia…all these all of my colleagues and me started saying to Mr. Syed who had a hair cut at Javed Habib salon…and quite good style with some spikes with short hair style…(xactly i dont know what is that hair style, if something look good thts the good style)…and the charge was around Rs 300/-. So i thought next time i will have a try at Habib salon…my hair is very smooth and straight…which i know long hair style is the only option for getting a good style. Short hair doesnt look good on me…i remember, i had a hair cut in matching to Dil Chahta hai’s Amir khan hair style..but failed…i was looking like a Srilankan army…with army hair cut. Wait, that was a flop in short hair i always have long hair style. In btw the day come when i planned to hv the hair cut…and this time its at the Habib.

That was weekend, i went for my most expensive haircut. The hairdresser came in and took me inside. He washed my hair with shampoo on and then did some hair cut in different different style. He used the dryer and after some experiment on my hair he was done. Then he did some style with my hair, i felt that was my regular style..then after some attempt he agreed that its bit difficult to try some different hair style with my hair. Then i also ended my dream with having a sexiest style…that was over. I paid Rs.385 at the counter…it was like instead of Rs.30 i paid over 10 times…bad…that was a bad and worst experience…the regular saloon is good for me..never in these stupid things…i must say this haircut was a BAKRA CUT!!!

It was the Monday 05/17, our VP Mr. Mike Tirozzi touring India. He earlier spent a week at Chennai, njoyed the real India summer and now at Hyderabad. He and CIO Mr. Tom Gary had so many meetings with the team here in Hyd. It was the evening time and decided to have a team dinner. And N’A modern grill was finalized by one of our manager. We started at around 9 to the restaurant, it was of a total 25 members party. I think I attended a team lunch/dinner never before with the whole project team. Good to have all development team, test team and BPSA/BA team all together made a xcellent night.

DEV team ready for order

Well once everyone reached the venue, started looking out for the reserved place. In b t w I could able to recognize a tollywood actor(I saw him on TV twice or thrice), then confirmed with my colleagues and he was Sumanth. Well the gossip went around and everyone got a chance to have the glimpse of an actor. All, then rushed to the other side(open sky) where they arranged seats for all. So here we go, now the time for grouping….vegetarian…non-vegetarian…drink…no drink…et al. I was with my group of drunkards. Then the party starts…music was nice…ambience was really good. Order Sir…well listening to this word everyone started staring to the menu and started ordering. I see all drink price were on a higher end.

Team SQA, sitting pretty

I ordered Jack Daniels, with some asked for JW Black Level, gold level…some opt for cocktails and some for mocktail…Mike ordered for beer. Soothing music was really good with drinks in hand…appetizer were on Spring roll, jalapeno poppers, mushroom risotto, French fries, onion rings, Grill chicken in Harissa sauce, Cajun Murrel Fish, Rock Shrimp Tempura, Crespelle,  …discussion started within groups…few official discussion…more special talk. Order goes on as the clock ticks 10:30PM…11:00PM…2nd round drink…3rd rd drink…Those who didn’t drink any, goes for the main course after the appetizer. Fabulous food, taste and ambience made a great team dinner. In the main course I ordered mushroom brown rice risotto, spinach brown rice risotto and alu mash…in nonveg…guys ordered for Lamb Stew in a Pot, New Zealand Chops, Tiramisu, Cajun Spiced Murrel Fish, Teriyaki Chicken, et al…even some names I unable to pronounce and remember. Then came the dessert section… Yummy! Most ordered for a Brownie, Panna Cotta, Raisin ice cream and Roasted Almond & Chocolate Caramel ice cream.

team of Admins

When I look for the menu, I opted for another drink…well it was almost 12 when dinner was over and great…it was too much pricey..even I cant think of spending the amount spent that night in just 2 hours…anyways it was great dinner with the whole team…thanks to each and specially Mike…hope to comeback again to the same restaurant!!!All..njoy at N if u dont care about the money..xcept that this is a place of full of ambiance, soothe n nice food with numerous variety!!!

discussions ONNNN

Time to leave

all together...

UnWinding at Songs of Earth…

Another day of outing with my colleagues. The venue was the “Songs of earth” resort and the day is Nov 14th. The actual plan was to have a day outing at “Lahari Resort”, but unfortunately we were late to book there as couple of schools reserved with their huge groups. Well, this is not a bizarre thing as NOV 14th is the children’s day and the school wanted to have it celebrated at the popular resort. I think, these days corporate doesn’t have any value as it got the same choice as of the school .

Well after losing the booking at Lahari resort a well-known for the outing especial for the corporators. In fact we get to learn that not only the corporators but the schools can njoy the resorts. After missing the reservation at Lahari, we checked the celebrity, Pragathi, Mount Opera, Alankrita at al but all were booked by schooled, surprisingly. Then we get to know about the “Songs of Earth”, after checking we(25 members) decided to go for this. So finally we gathered on the fresh morning of the children’s day at our office building, then started the journey to the resort after the breakfast. Four 4-wheelers and 3 bikes used for all day outer to shift to the resort. After reaching at the resort, we felt like a definite peace. It was away from the city and situated on a huge area. A welcome drink served to all of us and then all planned for the game(cricket, golf, volley ball at al.).

good times at rain dance

@ d Golf course

during Volleyball game

We played a short game in Volley Ball and looser, then rushed to cricket. Me and Shyam decided as captain for 2 teams and started playing. Shyam’s team batted 1st and scored around 60 which my team achieved in 9 overs and won the match. It was noon, time for the bath…many went for the pool and the rest njoyed the rain bath(I included). Dancing around the raining dance floor, we all finished our, while other side the rest tapered their bath in the small pool. LUNCH…we had a moderate lunch…the food was OK…own sponsored drink also taken along with resort food. Quite had a good time…now the event time…many

commando net trail

KC on the Burma Bridge...

Sirish trekking up...

events was organized as Treasure hunt, Commando Net, Artificial Rock Climbing, BMX bicycles, Artificial Rock Climbing, Archery et al. After spending time around all these events, we followed the guide for the snacks as everyone was hungry. Having the Mirchi Pakoda with Tamarind Chatini and Team…guide called everyone for the TUG OF WAR. We grouped up 2 teams and played. It was best of 3….but our team won 1st 2 matches and declared as the winner. Few minutes after Kiran from our team infirmed to have another match with captain and their choices for the 2nd innings of tug of war. 1st match we loose to our opponent, but we came back strongly in the 2nd which was so exhausted. Following to which we decided to drop the 3rd as everyone were so tired. And the final moment where everyone gathered to have the group photo and the memento. In between we called up Supreet, Shyam, Aravind and Rakesh who had been playing the snooker since the lunch. They had a good times. Nice to have such outing, it’s not for paying 700 rs…but for the nice get together and out of the office works with same colleagues. I praised all for the great time we had…and hope to have next time…………………………………………………

cricketing skills on ground

aiming for the good target @X

Final Tug of War..and the Winner