Many times my roomie used to irritate me in discussing on nearby places in Hyderabad for a bike trip. Even i am interested too for ling drive experience as well as a good place to watch. While my friend is ready to travel 300-400km for visiting a normal tourist places. But if one is travelling this far and beyond, there should a destination of a best class, exceptional, special and brilliant. While travelling for <150km, you can njoy the ride as well as a average/usual place. I have gathered a good no.s of places nearby Hyderabad for 1-2 day trip on bike.

Sanghi Temple: The temple is nearly 35km from Hyd, located in Sanghi nagar. This beautiful temple complex atop the hillock Paramanand Giri beckons the faithful devotees who seek gods infinite blessings.

Keesargutta:Keesaragutta is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located 40kms from Hyderabad. All over and around the rocky granite dome of Keesara, there are meter – high stone Lingas.

Mount Opera: This is a multi-theme park/resort, located around 40km from Hyderabad. The hotel is attached to Multitheme park,Health Spa Water World, Indoor, Outdoor games, Skating, Hillock, Adventure Sports.Indoor, Outdoor games, Skating, Hillock, Adventure Sports.

Ramoji Film City: This is the world’s largest integrated film studio, located 45km from Hyderabad. Visitors can go for a Japanese garden, artificial waterfalls, an airport terminal, hospital set, railway station, churches, mosques and temples, shopping plazas, palace interiors, chateaus, rural complexes, urban dwellings, and a winding highway. Shops include Parade, a prop-shop, where costumes of actors can be ordered and Shangrila, a nursery that sells exotic plants.

Bhongir and Yadgirigutta:Bhongir town located in the of Nalgonda district of the state and 48 km from Hyderabad. Bhongir is famous for its fort. Yadgirigutta is a popular temple of Narasimha Swamy situated on a hillock and located another 12 km from Bhongir.

Mahboobnagar: Mehabubnagar is situated at a distance 95km from Hyderabad. This includes the places like Gadwal Fort, Sarlasagar, Nagarjuna-Srisailam Sanctuary, Pillalamarri Banyan Tree, Wanaparthi Temple, Manikonda Temple, Alampur Temple, Nava Brahma Temple, Malleswaram Temple, Sri Rangapur Temple and Somasila Temple.

Medak: A distict in Andhrapradesh, famous for its Asia’s 2ndbiggest Church. This is located around 100km from Hyderabad. Also other places are like Medak Fort, Kondapur, Popikondalu and Pocharam forest and wildlife sanctury.

Nalgonda:Located around 110km from Hyderabad. The popular religious sites in Nalgonda include Matampalli, Wadapally, Yadagirigutta, Kolanupaka, Pangal, Sunkishala, Gajulabanda, Yeleswaram, Phanigiri, and several more. The Sunkishala and Somalingeswaraswamy temples are notable sites, sacred to Hindus.

Bidar: Bidar disrtict known for its forts, mosques, mausoleums and tombs, located 120km from Hyderabad. Bidar fort, Tombs of Bahmani Rulers, Tombs of the Barid Shahis, Chaubara, Takhti-i-kirmani, Madrassa of Mahamud Gawan, Guru Nanak Jhira and rock temple at Narasimha Zara.

Warangal: Warangal was the ancient capital of the Kakatiyas, this is located 130km from Hyderabad. Many places to tour in Warangal are Warangal Fort, Thousand Pillar Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Jain Mandir, etc.

Nagarjuna Sagar: This is about 160km from Hyderabad, the tallest and biggest stonework dam in the world, Nagarjuna Sagar creates the third largest man-made lake in the world. Good to watch during rainy season. Ethipothala lake and Nagarjunakonda are two other places to visit.

Pakhal Lake: Located around 180km from Hyderabad. One can plan for this place to visit Pakhal lake, Pakhal Sanchury and Ramappa Temple. The lake is a man made lake by the erstwhile kaktiyas.

Srisailam: It is a holy town and Mandal, situated in Nallamala hills and located 232 km from Hyderabad, on the banks of River Krishna. Srisailam is one among the various Jyothirlingam of India. Srisailam Dam on Krishna river is also watchable.

Vanasthalipuram: One can have para-sailing in the Nadrigul Air Field, Vanasthalipuram. Para-sailing will be guided by a professional crew at a height of 500ft for a good 8 to 10 minutes. It is about 30km from Hyderabad.

I have visited a couple of these, planning to go for most of these places with my friend . Hope this would help you too!!!